As Animals Eat My Insides

Album: God Save The Scene (2013)

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Song: God Save The Scene

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As Animals Eat My Insides (AAEMI) is a local post hardcore band from Roswell, Georgia. AAEMI was formed in the winter between 2011-2012 by Guitarist Matt Simone and Vocalist Jeremy Bond. Their music gathers influences from [hardcore], metal core, electronica, and punk genres.

Matt Simone, Jeremy Bond, Philip Brooks, and Daniel Fulcher are all alumni of the Catholic High school, Blessed Trinity. In the winter of 2011, Matt Simone and Jeremy Bond formed As Animals Eat My Insides and ,shortly after, recruited Philip Brooks and Daniel Fulcher to join the project. Daniel Fulcher left shortly after because of personal reasons to pursue his own path, leaving AAEMI without a drummer. Soon David Williams joined and AAEMI started making a statement on the local scene of Georgia.

As Animals Eat My Insides have played with bands such as The Browning, Ice Nine Kills, Make Me Famous, Fit For A King, and other big bands.